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The reform process helped me to create a clear map and pathway to understand where I am at and where I want to head to - my land of unlimited possibility! 


Helen guided me with both wisdom and tenderness and helped me when I got stuck. 


I feel excited about my next steps and that I have the tools to help me navigate my situation.








I feel empowered now to take the tools that I have learned and carry on reforming!


If you feel stuck, helpless, hopeless or directionless; if you feel there's something more and need help to find it The Reform Process is a safe and stretching place to do this work. 


Thank you for an amazing journey, for sharing your gift and giving of your whole self. I so appreciate what you have created.



Well worth doing, especially if you are or have been stuck in some key areas of your life.


Discovering you do have the tools inside you to get unstuck, having the freedom and space to dream and explore, having space where you can show up with all your messiness and vulnerability -




There is something that happened through this retreat that I have never experienced anywhere else.


Helen opens up the space with vulnerability, authenticity and fierce passion to see people free to be who they were made to be.


I feel so much more confident now I have the language and tools I need to help me change my situation. 


I was supported with love, challenged, accepted and cheered on throughout the process. I couldn't recommend this highly enough.



If you're looking to change your life for the better, then look no further than this process.

Helen is a fantastic facilitator who explains, explores and leads people into freedom; from, in my case, unhelpful beliefs that have held me imprisoned for over 50 years. I felt safe and free to be able to explore the me I want to be.


Helen brings personal experience coupled with training and expertise to make tangible the intangible - feelings, desires and unspoken dreams.


She helps you create a map that takes you from where you are to where you want to be, using what is already inside you.

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