the reform process


By seeing where the 'form' of something no longer works - or maybe never worked - you are able to go through a process of 're-forming'.


The reform coaching process is a guided journey that takes you through the seven stages of reform.  


The seven stages build a visual map to help you get your bearings on the journey of reform. This map creates a metaphor to guide you from a place of restriction, being boxed-in and defined by the expectations of others. It travels through the process of understanding why we feel so stuck in things we once thought safe. We then walk the process of change, understanding what we need to shift internally and externally to create a new world that is aligned with your best self. It is a journey of discovery and imagination, of intuition and creativity.


It is possible to get out from under the script given to you in your roles, relationships, and identity and to shed all the 'shoulds' that weigh us down and keep us from being the person we really are and living in a way that brings freedom and fulfillment. 

We can re-form the rules and create a new way of living and working in which we can thrive. 


This is for you if you want to create another way.




You see that something is fundamentally wrong in the world and you want to be part of the solution.


You find yourself thinking 'I can't do this anymore' and yet you have to because there isn't any other option.


You know something has to change.


You find yourself feeling stuck on a pendulum swing between tolerating and wanting to quit.


It feels like you got handed a story for your life, but you're not sure that the story was ever really yours. 


You're internally asking some big questions, and it feels like you're 'breaking the rules' even thinking about them.


And yet, these questions feel like freedom.


You are deconstructing, but you don't want to stop there. you know that reconstructing something else is vital.


If you let yourself, you can imagine a whole new way of being and doing - you just don't know how to get there.


who the process has worked for 2

I work with all different types of people who want to reform different areas of their world - from their personal relationships, to their workplaces and businesses, to their faith and wider society.


These are actual examples of real situations people have had reform coaching around:


  • the woman who reformed her 25-year marriage to something aligned and alive

  • the entrepreneur who reformed her understanding and rhythm of work and rest

  • the guy who wanted to reform the toxic masculine corporate space he had to work in every day

  • the young guy who wanted to reform his faith alongside his identity as a gay man

  • the woman who reformed her body image

  • the person who reformed her relationship with her ex-husband

  • the pastor who reformed his church

  • the 20-something year old who wanted to reform her sense of 'home' before she got married

  • the middle-aged woman who reformed her entire Christian faith to leave a toxic belief system

  • the lady who reformed her constant need to be busy 

  • the man who reformed his journey with his own mental health

  • the CEO who reformed the values of his entire company

  • the person who reformed the relational dynamic in their family of origin and their role within it

  • the retiree who reformed what it meant to live the season of retirement on purpose

  • the tech executive who reformed her 60-hour week job to something life-giving 

  • the person who had to 'come back to life' and reform everything after a long cancer journey

  • the girl who reformed what it meant to her to be Black in a predominantly White-centric culture

  • the woman who became a feminist at 39 and had to reform a whole lot of things!

  • the family who reformed the way they did life together

  • the organisation which reformed the way they did conflict

  • the group who reformed their belief structure to be more inclusive of womxn

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