we have forgotten who we are,
or maybe been convinced we're someone else
by a world that needs us to be less.


There are three ways to go through the framework: online at your own pace, in 1-1 coaching sessions, or in a retreat format. 


All three methods take you through the same seven 'signposts' that guide you along a journey of creating and discovering something new.


The process is like a map. In fact, we have an actual map! The map leads you through a journey of from 'here', the current form or place you dwell in, to innovate a 'there' that is calling you forward. You will be guided through this journey by a certified life coach whose role it is to assist you in your process of transformation.


The journey walks you through a process of gaining awareness, of recognising all the 'shoulds' you live by that don't serve you, or seeing where you feel stuck and caged by your roles and relationships, of looking at your belief structure. We then walk out a process of asking the awkward questions and challenging the boxes you squeeze yourself into. Finally, we imagine a whole new world, a whole new way of being where you can live according to your life values and create rules that bring you to life rather than keeping you stuck.


People often know change is needed; what they don't have is the map to take them somewhere new. 


We give you that map. 


reform is simply the process of 
taking back the power to become  
who you were always intended to be


the signposts

: all change starts with awareness

What isn't working? What don't you want any more? What needs to change?  What's stopping you? What do you really want? What are you starting to question or doubt? 


When you have awareness about these questions the journey has begun! This first signpost helps you to have awareness about where you are now, so you can consider where you want to be. 

your cultural myths

Every system, whether at home or work or in a faith community or in wider society, is defined by its myths. These myths are the stories you have been told about who you have to be and who you cannot be, and what you must and must not do to keep the system working well.  


These myths create a set of rules we live by. Becoming fully conscious of these myths, stories, and rules is the next step of the journey.

 the boundary

Sometimes we feel we're overstepping a boundary when we question or doubt or disbelieve or break a rule. We are! We're taught to fear 'over-stepping', and that it will lead us somewhere bad.


The truth is often that our freedom and fulfillment lie on the other side of those boundaries. 

your promised land

You know something else must be possible; you can sense it. Our fourth signpost points you in the direction of the life you only dream of. 

This is where you get to start to innovate and create a new world, over the edge of the limited place you have lived in for so long - your promised land. 

include and transcend

Remember the pendulum swing between tolerating and quitting? Your new option is to 'include and transcend' - what do you want to keep? What comes with you as you journey somewhere new? What gets left behind? And what do you cross over into? What is yours to transcend into? 

Don't believe it's 'either-or' (that's a bad cultural myth!)

We believe in 'yes-and'. 

equipping for the journey

You'll have a good sense of the journey by this point, so here is where we pause for you to get equipped.


Using life coaching tools and exercises we provide you with all you'll need to walk out this journey (and some great people to journey with too!)

we make the road by walking


You will now have clarity about the path ahead, how to walk it, all you need and where you're heading. This final signpost sets you on your way - step by step, one choice at a time into something new, authentic, free and fulfiling.

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