small business reform


Much of the reform work I do is to help small business owners who are struggling to find an authentic voice in their business. And much of the reason I do this work is that it came from personal experience!

It is so tempting to pick up so many 'shoulds' when running your own business - about who you should be and what you should look like or act like, what you should charge, and how you should come across in your marketing.

The problem with all these 'shoulds' is that you end up having to play at being someone else to keep up with the constant feeling of not being enough.

The very best small businesses are the ones that are built from unique authentic values. They are the ones people warm to, return to, align with, and promote to other people - because the truth is we buy from people. So the more 'you' in your brand, marketing, online presence, and product style - the more people will feel a sense of loyalty to your business. 

The hard thing is filtering through all the 'shoulds' enough for you to get to the gold underneath - the real you.

In the small business reform process, we start to sift through all the 'shoulds' you picked up about you as a business owner, your business itself and the values your business runs on.

We sluice off anything that isn't your gold and start to build an authentic and life-giving brand and way of working that will remove the icky of hard sales, ill-fitting marketing techniques, and dissonant business values. 

The small business reform process is a ten-week one-to-one or small group course that leads you through reforming your small business. 

Small group courses have up to six participants and involve ten weekly 60 minute sessions with tasks to complete between each session. This course costs £800 and is payable in full or in four installments of £200.

The one-to-one process also takes ten weeks with sessions every other week.

The cost is £1200 and is payable in full or in six monthly installments of £200. 


Well worth doing, especially if you are or have been stuck in some key areas of your life or work.


Discovering you do have the tools inside you to get unstuck, having the freedom and space to dream and explore, having space where you can show up with all your messiness and vulnerability -


Trisha, Sales Executive

There is something that happened through this process that I have never experienced anywhere else.



Helen opens up the space with vulnerability, authenticity and fierce passion to see people free to be who they were made to be and do what they were made to do.

Caroline, Personal Trainer & Business Owner


If you feel stuck, helpless, hopeless, or directionless; if you feel there's something more and need help to find it The Reform Process is a safe and stretching place to do this work. 


Thank you for an amazing journey, for sharing your gift and giving of your whole self. I so appreciate what you have created.

Anna, Mentor and Career Advisor