'I can't do this anymore.

I'm so tired of living a life

the doesn't actually work for me'.

the reform process

The reform process is designed to help you look at the areas of your life that are not working in order to change them for the better.


That's what reform is: seeing where the 'form' of something no longer works, or maybe never worked. By understanding what isn't working, you can start a journey to understand a new 'form' - a whole new way of being and doing in your life.


Reform Coaching is a process based on life-coaching techniques and skills, that helps people navigate change. This is a guide for you to reform the spaces in your life that feel broken, toxic or dissonant. 


This framework is designed to get you out of the boxes you were told to squeeze yourself into so that you could belong and succeed in the world. This is a way to re-write the rules that you have been conditioned to believe your whole life. 


This process is about finding the freedom to unravel anything that is holding you back from becoming your true self - personally, professionally, relationally, spiritually and societally.




reform is a journey

- a pilgrimage perhaps -

  that we are invited to take in our personal, relational, professional,

spiritual and societal lives

Reform can be necessary for lots of areas of life and in the lives of all different types of people.


I knew I needed to reform my family relationships first, later I needed to reform both my faith and my identity as a woman. The journey is always about shedding anything that keeps you feeling stuck, small or inauthentic. The journey is always about you finding freedom and fulfilment. 


So if you feel like you're having to be someone else in order to stay in your marriage or in your job, in your friendships or in your sexual identity, in your faith or in your own skin: you know change is needed. I can show you how.


Here are areas we have helped people re 'form' through this process.

body, mind 

& soul

we give you a map

There are three ways to go through the framework: online at your own pace, in 1-1 coaching sessions, or in a retreat format. 


All three methods take you through the same journey of creating and discovering something new.


The process is like discovering a map for the life you always wanted to live. In fact, we have an actual map! The map leads you through a journey from 'here' (the current form or place you dwell in) to 'there' (a place of freedom, fulfilment and authenticity). I will guide you through this journey step by step helping you navigate change as you re-map your future.


The journey walks you through a process of gaining awareness, of recognising all the 'shoulds' you live by that don't serve you, or seeing where you feel stuck and caged by your roles and relationships, of looking at your belief structure. We then walk out a process of asking the questions that you need to ask, and challenging the boxes you squeeze yourself into. Finally, we imagine a whole new world, a new way of being where you can live according to your life values and create rules that bring you to life rather than keeping you stuck.


People often know change is needed; what they don't have is the map to take them somewhere new. 


We give you that map. 

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