personal reform


This coaching process is a personalised deep dive into your specific area of reform. Coaching is a series of powerful conversations that take you through the process of shedding old ways of doing and being, thinking and believing - and leads you through the creation of something new and life-giving. 

We are all handed a 'script' that gives us the details of the role we're expected to play. Your script will be decided by your gender, your family roles, your culture, your religious world view, and your family of origin (the way you were raised). We're not saying that everything you have picked up along the way or were directly taught is 'bad', but it is often restricting. Whether it's as a spouse, or parent, or a friend, or in your faith or identity... when your script no longer fits it can create a great deal of suffering. 

The beautiful reality is that you can change it. You can write your own script about who you want to be as a mom, or husband or parent, or friend. You can choose your own rhythm, where you live, how and if you work, what to do with your free time. You can define what faith, or love or 'relationship' looks like for you - without the guilt or the need to quit. 

The personal reform journey involves eight sessions spread over four months.

We conduct all sessions over Zoom and you will have full support for the whole four-month process.

Sessions take place every other week, with exercises and tasks to complete in between sessions. 

The cost for the full course is £800 (paid upfront or in monthly installments of £200).

(Bursaries are available for those who would struggle to cover the full cost of coaching.)

There are also several opportunities throughout the year to do the course as a four-day virtual retreat costing £500. This will be in a group coaching context with up to six participants and leads you through the full reform journey in eight sessions over the four days.








I feel so much more confident now I have the language and tools I need to help me change my situation. 


I was supported with love, challenged, accepted and cheered on throughout the process. I couldn't recommend this highly enough.



If you're looking to change your life for the better, then look no further than this process.

Helen is a fantastic facilitator who explains, explores and leads people into freedom; from, in my case, unhelpful beliefs that have held me imprisoned for over 50 years. I felt safe and free to be able to explore the me I want to be.



Helen brings personal experience coupled with training and expertise to make tangible the intangible - feelings, desires and unspoken dreams.


She helps you create a map that takes you from where you are to where you want to be, using what is already inside you.



The reform process helped me to create a clear map and pathway to understand where I am at and where I want to head to - my land of unlimited possibility! 


Helen guided me with both wisdom and tenderness and helped me when I got stuck. 


I feel excited about my next steps and that I have the tools to help me navigate my situation.