Hello, cherubs...

I'm Helen and I kinda came up with this crazy idea that you can totally change your life for the better -
that you don't have to stay living life defined by someone else's rules and expectations.

This journey of reform is about YOU becoming the person you were before the world got its hands on you. It is about UNBECOMING in order to become. It is a journey of UNRAVELING and RECREATING.

Before we begin, I’m gonna tell you some stuff about me from the outset because there are a zillion coaches out there and it’s important that if you even consider the idea of coaching with me, you need to know who it is you’re inviting into your journey.


So, here’s some things about me you’ll need to know...


I love helping people to stop being who they should be and start being who they are.


I love people to find freedom and fulfilment rather than feeling stuck and small. I do a giddy dance when someone shows up in their real life, naked and authentic and says ‘this is me folks, and I’m here to stay, just as I am’. I love the moment someone has an ‘aha’ about the glorious divine masterpiece they actually are; just as they are.


I can’t stand it when someone has been handed a life or a persona or a role to play that doesn’t fit and doesn’t work. It breaks my heart when I see people putting up with and tolerating things that taste bitter and toxic to them. I won't abide systems that serve some and exclude others, where the system is rigged in the favour of certain groups.


I can’t stand ‘shoulds’. I spend a lot of time double underlining all the shoulds that spill out all day long, because once you notice them, you can’t unnotice them. I then love standing next to someone as they start to pioneer a new path into a new way of being as they shed the 'shoulds' that have felt like a shroud.


I love it when people realise this new way of being is like coming home and was theirs all along. That the process is actually about coming home to ourselves rather than becoming someone else.


And this is why I do what I do. I coach people who feel stuck in someone else’s life or someone else’s skin to shed all that stuff and let the real ‘them’ show up.


I love people who are willing to question and doubt and mess with old systems that no longer work. I love doing these things in my own world. 


I love reading books that matter; books that change us. There's a list on my resources page if you fancy a recommendation of two. I'm a learner and LOVE new ideas and new ways of doing things. I usually have ten podcasts on the go at any one time, underpinned by a dozen books; I'm always cooking something up and my mind is always whirling!


I am a qualified teacher, a certified life coach through ICF and CTI and am trained in systems coaching with ORSC. I have worked for over two decades in personal development, leadership and behavioural change - in the education system, in churches, and in non-profits. I have coached people from all these sectors as well as the corporate sector, the media, small businesses, artists and creators.


I come from the Christian faith tradition but I’m more concerned about soul and spirit and what connects us rather than if you and I call god the same thing. I am also completely affirming and an LGBTQIA ally - that needs to be said in the same sentence as 'Christian' for those of you who have been wounded by my faith tradition. Also, I'm sorry if that's your experience. It's not okay. 


I say this because this journey is guided by my belief that you are divinely created. I talk about soul and spirit, and sometimes about god too. You and I don't need to believe the same for us to work together, but it's helpful to know upfront that this is the place I come from. 


It's also worth telling you that I have done this journey of deconstruction and reconstruction several times over the past decade. I deconstructed friendships, family roles, my parenting, my marriage, and my faith. I am currently still unraveling and reforming my understanding of being a  woman and a leader. I am also exploring feminism as my 11-year-old seems to be one, so I thought I'd better catch up!


Oh, and I'm completely obsessed with my four-legged companion called Chilli. Where I go, she goes. 

If you want to connect, please reach out via email or social media. I'd love to say 'hi'. 

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