faith reform


It was in my own personal faith journey that I encountered the power of 'finding another way'.


It helped me to recognise a pattern in all the other reform journeys I had done or needed to do in other areas of my life.


The faith reform journey is a complex one because it goes to the heart of our belief structures. It can also be the most painful journey because of the impact on your sense of belonging within your faith system. 


If you are in the process of your faith changing, you'll understand the reality of this. Do you stay and tolerate in order to still 'belong'? Or do you take the risk of disagreeing and questioning, knowing you may well not be welcome anymore?


We are in a season live never before when people are deconstructing their faith - especially if they come from a conservative or fundamentalist faith system. 


More and more people are starting to realise the script they were handed about what they had to believe, what they could and could not do, and who they had to follow as authority voices was toxic and unhealthy.


The very fact that you doubt this script can feel terrifying, like you're being deceived or going off the rails. It can honestly feel like you're losing your faith altogether.


The truth is that you're not losing your faith, rather losing someone else's. It's more likely that you're on the cusp of finally finding your faith, if only you can let yourself step into the deconstruction process.


The promise many of us believed was that we would find life, and life in all its fullness. This process is designed for you to find another way that will bring you that fulness of life in your faith that you believed for. 


It's nice to think that someone will simply hand us a new structure when we sense an unravleing of our faith. I can't do that for you - otherwise I'd just be handing you a different script. What I can do is walk alongside you as a coach and confidente as you allow yourself to cross over whatever line is holding you back from a powerful and liberating journey of faith reform.




reform is a journey

- a pilgrimage perhaps -

  that we are invited to take in order to find another way to live


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